Taste of the West Village

Now that fall is officially here, I feel the time is right to share a few of my impressions of this event, which took place Sunday on what was probably one of the last ultra-sultry days of the year!  I visited with a couple of New York Kitchen favorites, and met some new future participants whom I look forward to bringing to you.  All parties dished out some pretty amazing food, and a good time was had by all.

It was a dog day afternoon, and these dogs managed to find a shady spot:

thankfully, there were some refreshing cocktails to be had

thanks to Raphael Reyes of Yerba Buena (among others – but I can only drink so much!)

Chef Mike Price of Market Table made an easy-to-eat version of the classic, mayonnaise-slathered Mexican corn on the cob: Charred Autumn Corn with Chile, Paremesan, Lime – 0ff the hook!

Our friends at Braeburn were serving a light and appropriately named End of Summer Corn and Clam Chowder made with dill.

The Lion had the best flower display, and their Lobster Bisque is pictured at the beginning of this post, below August’s savory Panna Cotta. 

These ladies were having a field day hammering away at Steamed Blue Crabs from Choptank, aptly named…

Chef Seann and co-worker of Cabrito served up Jalapeño Rellenos stuffed with blue snapper, raisins, pepitas, and capers, which were surprisingly sweet, and not too spicy;

afraid the photo does not do that pepper justice!

And last but not least, the folks at Rick’s Picks were delightful to meet!


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