6th Street Kitchen

You may remember chef Gregory Torrech from our our first meeting at Brown cafe (over the body of a suckling pig).  As of a month ago, he is the chef at 6th Street Kitchen where he has brought his progressive American cuisine using seasonal ingredients.  He and his crew of four work in an open kitchen overlooking the dining room.  The best seat in the house, in our humble opinion, is at a small counter which faces the kitchen where one can see the action first-hand.  The BBQ Lamb Ribs with cole slaw is the most popular dish.  Once home after a long day at work, chef Torrech will often eat cereal topped with granola.  We’ve been told the brunch menu may soon reflect this comfort food by including a home-made granola.  Some day, Torrech intends to dine at chef Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago.

The owner of this restaurant, chef Chris Genoversa has been in the business his entire life.  Asked to elaborate upon his tagline for the restaurant “simple food for complicated people”, he says that he prefers “to serve his favorite foods based on season and availability of product”.  He wants “to strive for a loyalty to technique and the integrity of our ingredients”.  The evening we met , Genoversa could be seen opening bottles of wine, greeting newcomers and helping to serve the guests.  507 East 6th Street  www.6thstreetkitchen.com


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5 responses to “6th Street Kitchen

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  2. roxymaman

    These pictures are full of warm and inviting ambience- I feel as though I am there and now, sadly, I am very hungry for BBQ lamb ribs and coleslaw and live too far away to drop by!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. I really like how you take the subjects and cast spotlights on them…be it a person or some dishes or condiments.

    • Myriam Babin

      Thanks foodtable, it’s true that I like to treat my subjects democratically. I find shooting mundane, often overlooked objects in a very personal way very evocative.

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