Braeburn revisited

Upon returning to Braeburn one afternoon, chef Brian Bistrong told us more about the ingredients that he uses.  There is a large painting in the dining room of the restaurant, which depicts Bistrong’s farm-house in Connecticut where he grows mint, lavender, and wild raspberries and has an orchard of apple, peach and pear trees.  Whenever possible, the fruit and herbs are incorporated into the menu.  When in doubt, Bistrong consults his gardening mentor Jeffrey Frank, of Liberty Gardens in Pennsylvania, who is also Braeburn’s supplier of organic microgreens and heirloom tomatoes .  The American bistro’s signature dishes include duck with kolhrabi, wheat berries and bing cherry sauce, as well as hand-rolled pasta with braised rabbit and mint.  During prepping the crew listens to NPR and rock music on iPods.  When dining out, Brian and his wife like to eat korean food at Do Hwa in the West Village, and Vietnamese food at Chinatown’s Nha Trang.

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