Nelson Blue

Located near the South Street Seaport in Manhattan’s financial district, this restaurant and bar features New Zealand food with an Asian flair.  Its owner, Paul Morgan of Nelson, New Zealand honed his skills as a boisterous host while bartending at Puck Fair.  Chef Eric Lind who is responsible for opening Flatbush Farm, and Inattesso has created their signatures dishes:  New Zealand “Lollipop” lamb chops, green lipped mussels, and curried lamb pie.  Employees of Mexican, American, and Russian origins work in the kitchen where heated English and Spanish are spoken.  Coincidentally, when asked what his favorite New York restaurants are, Pauli names Blue Ribbon and Blue Smoke.  233-235 Front Street


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3 responses to “Nelson Blue

  1. Love your blog. What a great find! Pardon the cliche, but it is a true slice of (NYC) life. Impressive the amount of access these kitchens give you. Rock on!

    • Myriam Babin

      True, when I started asking chefs and owners if I could shoot their kitchens, I had no idea that I would be welcomed so openly.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog yesterday. Absolutely stunning.

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