Rai Rai Ken

This restaurant has a narrow kitchen, serving ramen and gyoza to a clientelle seated along an equally narrow bar.   Three or four people work in the kitchen at one time taking turns cooking, serving and cleaning.  English, Spanish and Japanese are spoken.  Tacked to the kitchen ceiling in phonetic chinese characters  is a list of  Spanish words.  One of their most popular dishes is the Shoyu Ramen, a typical Tokyo ramen.  The owner, Mr. Yagi, who is from Japan and a longtime New Yorker, owns a total of 11 Asian restaurants, nine of which are within blocks of each other in the East Village.  Decibel, which was recently featured on this blog, is another of his very successful establishments.  214 East Tenth Street


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42 responses to “Rai Rai Ken

  1. awesome pics! I added you to my blogroll b/c I’m always looking for new places to try in the city! Great find.

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  3. The ramen looks so tasty!!!!! This batch of photos are very nice to look at, by the way 🙂

  4. Stumbled you on WordPress’ homepage. Totally impressed by your photography — beautiful images. I’ll happily come back for other posts!

  5. i wish i could check out this restaurant! i’ve never been to new york yet 😦 but i will definitely keep this in mind for when i do travel there.

  6. Mrs. McHills

    Likewise found you via the WordPress homepage. I love these shots, lucky you getting the behind-the-counter look. Also bookmarking this for eats!

  7. elmer

    I am at the moment enjoying my instant yakiudon as I read this..want some peeps?

  8. HetalliShinoTheCritic

    The noodles look delicious.

  9. Wow, you have a really nice blog! Beautiful pictures. Blogroll you for future visits.

  10. Awesome pictures! But were you able to taste their ramen? 🙂

    Good job!!

  11. health,diet

    awesome pics! I added you to my blogroll b/c I’m always looking for new places to try in the city! Great find.

  12. Here in the Philippines, we also have a version of Rai Rai Ken. It is more like a fast food chain, student-friendly cost food establishment. And of course, they serve Japanese food as well.
    On the side, nice photos. keep it up! 😀

  13. Ana Eugenia Pacurar


  14. this is the asian style

    and i love it

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  16. Great photography! will use your page on my next trip to New York.

  17. Lovely photos! You really captured the atmosphere of the place…and made me very hungry 😛

  18. wanderingwaves

    I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog! It’s perfect since I’ll be going to NYC next month. I’ll definitely be checking out some of these places. Hm, maybe you could talk a little about prices too. Could be helpful to some people visiting your blog.

    Great pictures, by the way!

  19. addidesu

    Thank you for this wonderful post! It made me so terribly nostalgic for Tokyo…it’s been my dream to go to New York, so now I have a place to check out!

    • Myriam Babin

      Thank you! You should also try Minca ramen (an earlier post on this blog), they have a chicken and pork broth that is incredible.

  20. Good Photos . Really well Taken

  21. njaiswal

    Love the first photograph and the other kitchen ones. Good shots!


  22. Great pics.
    Very expressive.

  23. kenkoisanchez

    Felt hungry! Yummy photos! Nice =D

  24. Looks like the ramen shops in Tokyo- narrow, hot, and oh-so-yummy. Let me tell ya’, you don’t have ramen like that here in Alabama! Now I’m craving and have no outlet. Thanks, Thanks a lot…kidding. Nice pictures, too.

  25. paroodija

    i recently watched movie “the ramen girl”, so this post was really interesting for me ! :]


  26. These photographs made me feel like I could smell and taste the delicious essence of this kitchen…thank you so much! I look forward to your next blog…

  27. dianespeaks

    Great photos! I like your blog too, its unique

  28. astronumerical

    Wood love to eat there…

  29. SocialAnswers

    Makes me miss NYC: the character behind every restaurant no matter how small, the sequence of events that prove to be not so coincidental at times, the vibe of the city and its people, the color and beauty in the most random of corners.
    Thank you for reminding me of all the reasons why I love Manhattan.

  30. Great pictures! Really brings the feel of the restaurant alive.

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  32. acy bowman

    fantastic. my mouth is watering. only wished they delivered to Moscow.

    acy bowman

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